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Originally Posted by Tengai In Toronto View Post
Not sure if anyone mentioned this... because I don't want to read 110 pages of this thread to find out. But apparently until their demise, used Yugos were often sold for much more than new ones, because buyers knew that all the faulty factory parts had to have been replaced by the time they were sold second-hand. Not sure how this relates, or if its even relevant to the Ural discussion, just find it interesting, and in the realm of sketchy Euro vehicles.

That being said, I'd love a Ural. If a sorted used one popped up around here I'd be all over it!
That seems to be the consensus with Ural as well (the "used sorted out" part), but price is another matter. I've seen many a used Ural put up for sale at a decent price. I've also seen many a used Ural put up for sale where the person was trying to get the same price (or more) for their used rig as it cost new (bone stock mind you).

I've wanted one for years and I'm willing to accept their shortcomings and faults. I don't ride fast anyway, I like to wrench, my kids absolutely love them, and I like the old school aspect of them. I've got one lined up that I'm hoping to pick up in the next few weeks

Now just keep what I said in mind up there when I post up my first "my Ural broke" posts and I'm all ticked off
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