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Hi - since I last posted, its been a time of trial and tribulations.... endless forms it seems to fill out. Worry of bike and all bits to Holland, then our tyres were delayed a bit which meant our poor mechanic had to drive 1700kms to get them the day before the boat left Le Havre. Nail biting stuff for us in Africa on slow mo internet and erratic communications. In a panic I wrote to anybody and everybody, and BIG THANKS TO MICHAEL STANFIELD, who I don't know from a bar of soap, but he wrote and offered to help if we needed. Fortunately I think we have come right but the decency of people in this sport never ceases to amaze me.

The SA boys Darryl, Riaan, Glen and Brett are also 90% organised, (they are with KTM factory team and the Honda Australia crowd), quad rider Sarel van Biljon is also pretty organised too with the Memo team.

Ingo Waldschmidt from Nambia and David are with the Orange Service team. Bike no's 101 and 102. Was a bit startled to see Ingo was not higher up - he has done 2 Dakars and always finished inside the top 50 I think. But it seems that they are running numbers more as teams than individuals?? I stand to be corrected here. Ingo has done some massive marketing and got a number of good sponsors on board, and David is helped by the Zambian motorsport community so things are ok.

David is currently training by riding his 690 or his 300 around the farm, and dragging tractor tyres around with him at a run.... as you can see, gyms are a bit far and few here, so farmer boy has to make a plan.

Anyhow - its one month to D day, and we fly out to Peru after Christmas... thanks for your page, its made my life a lot easier to take on board information where I need it. Cheers and wish us luck.
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