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Originally Posted by soundcc View Post
To make a long story longer
The incident that caused the trailering home was with a very full tank of gas. It was just prior to this stall out that I ran out of gas, including reserve. This was the first time in thirty something years that I forgot to switch backover to the main tube and when I felt the bike starving for fuel I reached down to put it on reserve. Much to my surprize, It was already on reserve. The reason that I am curious about the tank size is because if the bike was already acting strange while still having some remaining fuel in it, I may need to focus my diagnosis toward electrical.
I have been driving my truck to work now for two weeks. One to make sure that I make it and two because Ca. is getting wet. When I have a chance to ride it long enough without worrying wheter it will get me to a destination on time I will get to see if it actually has a problem or if it was an anomoly caused by, say, harmonic convergence.
It is neat to harken back to a time when a bike was just a bike, no bells no whistles. I am loving this bike in a way that i believed I would but I thought coming off three previous DL1000's I was going to be let down. I am here to say I was wrong.
Please speak up if you have had cap failure.
How did a very full tank of gas cause that? Not doubting, just relatively new to this and want to understand.
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