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Originally Posted by SteveO View Post
I may have posted this before....can't recall..... but, some folks asked for some more info on this setup, so I took some more pics to post up.....

I went with Powerlet due to their reliability and quality products for motorcycles.

Here is a listing of what I've put on my KTM 500 EXC

Low-Profile Powerlet Socket
PowerLet Fuse Block Assembly
Rigid Powerlet to Cigarette Socket Adapter
Micro USB Short Powerlet Charging Cable
Here is an image of the Fuse Block installed next to the Battery and next to the stock Fuse Block. This Fuse Block interfaces between the battery and the following:

Hard-wired GPS
Trickle Charger - That can double as a heater for a vest
PowerLet Plug - mounted on the HDB bar
AdvMonstor LED lights - To be setup

Here are some more pics of the full setup
Of course, you don't want to be in motion with you ipod charging......

As far as power drain, it's really a non-issue.

Generally any USB device (iPod, cell phone) pulls 5V, which is nothing compared to the 200W the system pumps out.
To get a rough estimate of your available power...

200 Watts divided by available voltage (12), allows for roughly 16.5 amps.
16.5amps is a lot of juice, plenty for any accessories you can slap on a dirt bike.

Anyhow, this is the current setup....soon, I'll be adding the AdvMonster lights....should be awesome.....

Thanks for the pics and explanation. I've got the HDB setup on my 500, 2 other bikes too (love it). How did you re-route the front brake line so it's not over top the gauge protector?
Does the low profile PowerLet socket come with wire to reach the fuse block assembly or did you splice between the fuse block and socket? I'm not experienced in electrical matter so if it ain't plug and play I'm sitting there staring at it thinking, "now what?".


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