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Originally Posted by eastbloc View Post
I think this is BS. No one wanted a Yugo desperately enough to pay more for a used one than for a new one. They'd just buy a used Honda instead. New ones had warranties, after all.

Plus, most of the things that broke on Yugos were piddly crap like window cranks, door latches, climate control cables, and so forth. There weren't any significant problems with the Yugo drivetrain or running gear.

Yes, I had a Yugo for years. I bought it used for $200 with 30,000 miles on it. It was a great little car, providing you could live with manual steering.
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I got a Yugo right after they went out of business, 4800 miles on it for $300.

It was a fun little car to drive, kinda like a go cart and was awesome off road and in the snow. Only thing I ever had to fix was the head gasket, took a couple of hours and cost like $12.

I much prefer a few minor, easy, low cost repairs every now and then over todays low maintenance "reliable" vehicles that cost a fortune to repair when they do they all eventually do.
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