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Originally Posted by outlaws justice View Post
Reduced Visability makes iding dangerous. Cars cannot see us, This is partially due to the rain itself and compounde by the spray off the rear tire of the bike.

Several years ago myself and my cousin were riding matching bikes back from Albany in the ouring rain. We were being followed by my wife in the car. She made sure to tell us at the first stop that she could not see my cousin as the spray masked the tail light and made it impossible to see him or his bike. On the other hand she could see me, to be specific my lights. I had removed the rear turn signals, and replaced them with a set of front signals so they acted not only as turn signals but also as marker lights. The marker lights set out to the sides of the bike where the spray was not as think could be seen.

Since this we have converted the rear lights on all the bike we ride to aid in being seen in adverse conditions.
I was thinking about this last week when I was on my way home one evening. I'd decided to drive my truck because it had been sitting for a bit. It was right around the time of day when the sun is going down, light is reduced and of course-- rush hour traffic. Initially I'd decided to take the freeway in order to try to shave a few minutes off of my commute home. The reduced light, the pouring rain and the spray from the cars/trucks made it hard as shit to even see other cars. Made me glad I'd decided to not ride the bike because fuck that, I'd of completely vanished in the high level of reduced visibility. Hell, even though I was in the truck I made the decision to get off of the freeway and take a back road home. Visibility was still shit but it wasn't the cluster fuck the freeway was. Had I been on the bike, I'm sure the whole trip home would have been about as white knuckle as it gets.

As for wet weather riding... It sure tells you when your 8 year old gore-tex boots are leaking around the soles. Got home yesterday and my feet were making the "squish squish" sound. Time for new boots!
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