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Just got my Roku 2 XS after realizing I was paying $1800 a year for crap TV with commercials, slow internet, and phone.

So, I cut the cable (and the bundled internet and phone) Went with an ISP that provides unlimited download, and talk broadband for around $40 /month. 5 Mbps down is good enough for HD (though might be 720, not 1080). Just hooked it up to a Roku and am on my free trial of Netflix. Liking it, but, between and, I am getting most of my TV shows withing 24 hours for free anyways. I download and transfer to a HDD hooked up to a western digital media player.

Being in Canada, the selection on the Roku is not as good. Even our Netflix has less content than the US subscribers. We can't even get Hulu. Been thinking about getting a ISP spoof such as unblock-us to access US content. But before I do that, I need to leanr more about the Plex Media Server and the Plex Channel on the Roku.

Anyone running Plex?
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