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Originally Posted by Todd34 View Post
I finally had a chance to get out and about with CJ's tank. It's good to go. Mine holds 1.8 gallons and I like that it attaches to the old exhaust canister mounts. The only thing I don't like is how the gas sight tube stretches. I cut off about 1/2" this weekend because it stretched and it looks like I need to do it again. I'll probably just plug the holes and be done with it.
When speaking with CJ's buddy Jeff while they were out west in Hood River and the Rally about how he uses the aux.tank I got the impression that he waited until the fuel light came on before he opened the valve on the aux. tank fuel line and drained the fuel into the main tanks. easier to keep track of fuel management. My memory could be bad and maybe I misunderstood him. made sense though. I could see not needing the sight tube at all. Personal preference for sure.

My goal is to convert over to the 2-1 and add this tank. Seeing it in person it looks as if it came from the factory with it. Very clean and sleek. And out of the way Beats carrying my Roto 2 gallon as a top case.
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