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Originally Posted by Mr_Chris View Post
I have the stock berk mask off the bike but the aftermarket one I have is not as street legal as I'd hoped.
I love those Baja LEDs but I need to be able to ride past cars without dazzling them into smashing into me...
Dimmers are just bullshit for "day legal" in my opinion, I want bright lights not yellow but still too-high lamps...
Is the only answer some HID replacement for the stock element?
My BD Squadron with Skene Designs very compact and effective dimmer works perfectly to manage day and night use of LEDs on my FE390. I run my Squadron at 20-30% for day use and as "low" for night use. I used friends on foot and in cars in front of me to get a real world adjustment of brightness. Never have any problems with blinding cars or attracting the po po and plenty of light for lighting in traffic at night. With the flick of my high beam switch or flash alert button I have 100% blazing intensity. Works fantastic, definitely not BS. Like Luaks said, better cut-off reflectors would be an improvement for dual-sport and road use.
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