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glad yer back elephunt, sounds like some awesome riding was had.

now a few words of warning to all those who frequent the holley navarre powerlines (FBM):

I have a friend who lives on Federal Street, and I park in his yard to unload the bikes and ride out there. today, while I was unloading the bike a white Jeep Liberty pulled up to me and these two old people motioned me to come over and talk to them. they then proceeded to give me the third degree about how "what you're doing is illegal" and that they were "going to start a war" with all offroad riders that ride the powerlines. I tried to be as diplomatic as possible, but it was obvious they weren't looking for a discussion, they were telling me what was what, that this is their world, and I just live in it, then they took off as I was telling them that i've ridden these trails all my life, and pulled into their driveway, where a neighbor's dog happened to be wandering around, and the old bastard jumped out of his jeep and chased the dog trying to kick it. the neighbor with the dog happened to be in her yard doing yard work and they exchanged words, then, as I was loading my bikes back up, he started towards me with his cell phone to his ear... I didn't stick around to see what was next.
these people are dangerous and we are gonna have to keep an eye out for traps now. I could see this miserable old asshat going to lowes, buying some thin cable, and stringing it up between trees out there.

Because the fucktards pulled into their driveway right in front of me I got their address and this is what the county property appraiser said their names are:

"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."
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