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Has anyone used the Nomadic Cycle Racks on their 500 EXC they are for sale on eBay.
I installed one on my 350 EXC-F (I'm 99% sure the frame is the same as the 500, at least back there) but it has real problems. Overall, nicely made but the mounting arrangement is WEAK on this model: The rack mount consists of two cylinders that are supposed to slip into the two cylinders at the very rear of the subframe where the fender mounts. A through-bolt is supposed to hold these cylinders together. There is also a very short (less than an inch) tab attached right at one of the cylinders that is bolted to the exhaust mount and is supposed to be the 3rd of what needs to be a 3 point mount.
First problem is that the very sturdy powder coat on the rack makes the rack cylinders too big to fit into the frame cylinders. After much filing and sanding, I got the cylinders to "mate" but not perfectly. I installed Loctited bolts as tight as I dared. First rocky ride with a few tools on the rack and it worked itself loose enough to snap off the tab.
The real problem with this model is the lack of a real 3rd mounting point. If you look at the other Nomadic models they all have some other bracket or tab that is several inches away from the other mounts, providing a sturdy mount. This model is essentially cantilevered from the two cylinders which aren't very secure to begin with.
After the failure, emails to Justin Neimeyer of Nomadic got no response at all. It was after the 90 day warranty period (I had not got around to installing it for awhile after purchase) but you'd think there would at least be some response.
As I mentioned, the rack seems well made, especially for the price, but the design on this particular model is crap.
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