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Originally Posted by Switchblade315 View Post
I must meet them in dang near every game.

For a while there I was thinking the same, but then two things hit me - auto-aim, which I never use, apparently aims for the turret, so if we have someone circling us (Type 59 for example) who is using it, BAM!

But I think what was another factor, and this may be happening to you - being too aggressive and turning the turret to fight one area while another enemy shoots us in the back of it.

Again, this goes back to patience, patience, patience and taking one's time to get up in the enemy and fight them. Ideally fight as few tanks as possible while keeping the turret facing all incoming shots.

Now if you're getting ammo racked from the front of the turret... then I'm not sure what to say.

It's shots from above or from the sides & rear that seem to do it if the little I learned was any indication. Surely this is an area that I need to become an expert at if I am ever going to improve my wins... I know that some guys in the game know the locations of most ammo racks in high tiers, but then again most people don't know them.

I know that, on my own, I developed a 'hopeful' tactic (I don't even know if it does what I hope it does) by making the choice to shoot the back or side of, say, a nearly full health Lowe's turret, first, instead of the rear of the hull (if both are present and facing me) to try to knock out either his loading speed or to ammo rack him. That's the first shot, and based on what I learned recently I should take a second shot in the same place to have a chance of ammo-racking him instead of then choosing the hull.

What we all need here, with tanks we commonly use or encounter, is a lot more training room time to see where we can knock out loaders and/or ammo-rack tanks. I'd rather face a high-tier full health tank with dead loaders, if I can't ammo rack them, then face a half-hurt high tier tank with good loaders. There again, since the two aren't always in the same locations... maybe just time shooting the backs and sides of turrets to see the effects is called for.
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