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Originally Posted by Bengt Phorks View Post
I have a 2012 500 EXC with the Euro map installed and the map switch. The mild setting makes the throttle more linear. It takes out the snappy response and replaces it with an electric motor feel. The throttle is less responsive. It makes riding in the rocks and mud much easier.
The standard setting seems to have a more rounded power band snappy low end, a strong mid range and good top end. More throttle equals more speed.
The wild setting shifts the power to the mid range and top end. Less low end torque and more top end power is the feeling I get from it.
To change the map setting, flip the switch to the setting you want, kill the motor with the ignition switch,restart and the new setting will be active. The Euro manual says that the setting can also be changed by letting the engine go to idle. I keep meaning to try this but I am having so much fun that I forget I even have the switch. I end up leaving the bike in standard mode since it feels the most versatile.
This bike will pull from idle to 10000 rpm. When I picked it up at the dealer he said "Watch out, it goes faster than you think it does."

Great thanks for the info !
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