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Thanks for clarifying your method. I cant comment on Jim's method - but the point he is really making in that video is that you cant just swipe away at the kick start. I can start my bike using that method, but I find it uncomfortable.

It sounds to me that you arent swiping at yours and you are taking up the slack before hitting it. Your method does sound like its easier to generate crank velocity as you are not fighting the full compression stroke. (important on a 300 for sure)

I will have to try your rock and roll method for cold starts on really cold days. I usually do a couple of easy primer kicks and then bring the full snap. (I roll my foot down to help create velocity). But it can take 3-4 swipes from dead cold with the std choke jet. On really cold days - I lean it over 1st for about 5 seconds and that helps.

My bikes starts 1st kick when warm - so no need for extra fiddling then.

Out of the nearly 100 pro's my dad sold, he never had to replace a KS pawl on any that were properly engaged (He did replace a few Idlers)- but he spent alot of time with his customers showing them how to do it and then watching them afterwards. He would always point out the riders who he saw swiping away and would warn them they would be buying a pawl & idler soon. . It was a bigger problem before they changed the faster pawl shaft and fixed the return bumper position. The one I broke - I swiped at. I was tired and on the wrong side of the bike (KS was on uphill side) - so I jumped up 1st. I wont do that again.

I think these are all good conversations as once you are aware of the issue, problems can be easily avoided.
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