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Originally Posted by jonnyc21 View Post
Oh for anyone that might be interested, Don the guy that took me riding told me I by the end of the day I should ride novice if I go to an event as I was doing quite well and that beginner would likely be to easy for me.

I found it interesting because I didn't think I was doing quite that well tell he informed me that the few obstacles I was having a hard time with where intermediate to advanced.

IT can depend, if your club makes beginner all the time... My club seldom has beginner, so what has happened is the novice line eased up a lot, so he's probably right.

My 17 year old recruit is about the same after 5 weeks since he bought his 280. he can almost jump onto a parked car, but if I make him turn tight to jump a 12-18 inch log, he's in trouble

I cannot stress enough, IMHO turning and balance, WORK ON IT. if you can turn (98 of 100 people that is) and keep balance to execute the obstacle you do with a 3/4ths mile "prepare/runup to" you will be damn good very soon. But doing figure 8's for 98 of 100 people, seem boring, especially the younger people. I spend hours, practicing turning techniques, and BTW, Ive been riding for 40 years, I enjoy it, most dont.
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