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Originally Posted by PeterW View Post
Kangaroo's - which admitted not many of you will get to hit.

I decided on a 'best chance of surviving' strategy a few years ago, I'd had quite a few roos run into the side of me with only bruises and the damned things are unavoidable around here.

Pre-planned strategy.

1) Aim for where I want the bike to be after the crash i.e. don't try and avoid the bastard, just aim for a point where I'm not going to do secondary damage after the impact.
2) Brake like crazy until just before the impact.
3) Be damned sure the brakes aren't on at impact.

It happened, collected a roo head on , the strategy worked. (Week old bike as well)

Big thud, bike got launched but I ended up still in my lane further up the road when I landed it again.
(Hey I'm upright. O.K. heart, you can start beating again now)
Used the rear brake to slow the bike since I assumed front end damage.

Parked, looked at the bike, big splashes of mud and hair all over the right side, hair in the right brake rotor and over the bash plate, blood on the lower suspension knuckle.
The gods have been kind, may as well finish my ride. Rode fairly gently for the next ten minutes in case there was damage, after that - no worries.

I'm guessing impact speed was <40kph, but with the shock, who knows.

So, all I can say is "Worked for me, your mileage may vary". Yes there was luck, but I suspect that's near optimal - statistically

Few year's back i met a bloke in Canberra that had a similar incident to yours. He told me he was on Tharwa rd, and according to him, as the road straightened out, he was going for 200, when a roo jumped in front of him and he hit it straight on, he wasn't sure of the speed he was doing, flat out anyway. He thought he was done for. The impact was hard enough to bend the forks, he never dropped the bike though. I used to ride in the area and the roos there are in plague proportions. Never hit one while on a bike, or a car for that matter, came close plenty of times. I'd rather collide with a roo than a wombat, that's like hitting a rock!
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