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Having had a great meal, a full tank of gas and a quick stop at Coco's I was back on the course, making good time. Plenty of random crap you see in Baba, this was miles from the water…

I had been meeting folks along the way, many of them surprised I was out here solo, unsupported on the course. I thought it was perfect as I could ride at my pace, whatever that may be, and since there were others on the course it's not like I was on roads that might not have anyone on them for days or weeks. I looked at it like supervised solo riding, plus I had a DeLorme inReach two way satellite communicator.
every time I was starting to think I was badass and fast I was reminded by real racers coming by… :loll
the landscape slowly changed as I moving further south, the trail varying from rocks, gravel, more rocks, and some sand thrown in for fun.
Good times.

The first broken part of the trip, wanting to keep an eye on my 6 I left my mirrors out, problem is, especially in the two track sand sections is you have to ride in the ruts made by the 4 wheeled folks, and many times there's cactuses/tree's/brush in the way when you're riding on the outside like you're forced to do.
Down to one mirror now.
The shadows where getting longer, it gets dark very early here. Must> Go. South.
Must. Camp. On. Beach.

I like seeing the mile markers go by, especially this one.

The Mefo Super Explorer was doing well with predictable handling, I had high hopes this tire would last for the entire adventure and get me home.

I had been watching the map to see where the course would get near the sea, I blasted through Bay of LA only stopping for fuel, wanting to get another 50 miles south where the course met the sea. Lots of washouts on this road, it was the Trickster Road as I called it, you think it's wide open and you can haul ass, but there's more than one hidden wash that comes up real fast. More throttle, go fast, don't die.
The sun wasn't about to wait for me.
I made it to the coast to find a lonely palapas with not a soul for miles except the one guy who has a tiny house way down they way.

It was very windy, without the shelter it would have been less enjoyable. I worked hard today and this was my reward -an isolated beach, warm water to take a dip in and rinse off, some shelter from the wind and blowing sand along with a spectacular sunset!
Life is good.

No beer, Ramen noodles for dinner and while I did scrounge up some firewood, once the sun gave up her time on this side of the Earth the stars were so amazing I didn't even bother with a fire. Plus I was enjoying getting to know my new little camera and this was a cool place to be shooting.

Sleep came very easy, after a quick dip in the Sea of Cortez under the stars. I've not been down here this time of year before and was thrilled the water was far warmer than the air, bathwater warm. The sounds of the waves crashing, the wind blown sand popping off the tent, with Husaberg standing guard.
A perfect end to a solid day of Adventure Riding on my terms.

I awoke at the first hint of light coming up from the east and quickly got to work making coffee, while getting my camera ready for a morning of perfect lighting. There's never too many photos of my bike at sunrise on the beach in Mexico.

Cheers Nancy, the coffee was good, but would have been even better shared with you.

Way too much crap, but it all had a purpose and I was pleased to have a "home" to sort it all out for the repack. :loll

After some coffee, a quick bowl, I did what any self respecting ADV rider would do - Go for a high speed blast for miles down a completely pristine deserted beach!
Reliving the scene from the Dust to Glory movie where they cut over onto a beach just like this, tuck in, and go!
Racing against nobody sure is fun, I can't lose! lol

I'm #1

I'm #1

I'm #1

(out of 1) lol

My only neighbor, miles down the beach and living off the grid out here. Interesting cat, was delighted when I gave him a pack of coffee and a few smokes. I didn't see any car of his so I'm assuming he depends of friends to bring him things he needs and can't get form the land and sea.

Time to ride south!

there had been a lot of rain and a hurricane down here this last month so Baja was greener than I had seen before.

With nowhere to put my camera I can't help but wish I was able to get into this shot myself, reminds of the one I took in Utah with a winding dirt road similar to this.

This aint Utah though.

Morning traffic.

hello jesus, thanks for looking out!

Perfect weather, no jacket needed. Blue skies, very little traffic on the course today. Starting to feel more LOST.

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