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Originally Posted by Ohio_Danimal View Post
can you guys confirm that the Sena SMH10 can have three riders communicating at the same time??

I thought it would handle three, but only two could link at a time. (press jog once to connect to link one, twice to link two, etc)
Yes, I've used mine numerous times for 3-way conferencing. They say it will do up to 4-way, but I have not had a chance to try that yet.

Remember, once 2 of you are linked, the 3rd person has to initiate the link to one of the first 2, to join the conference. If you are linked to one person, you cannot add another person to the conference yourself. That is the most annoying thing, to me, about multi-way conferencing on the Senas.

But, it's really not that hard to work around. Worst case, call Buddy 1, tell him you want to conference and for him to count to 5 and then call you back. Then, hang up and call Buddy 2. Buddy 1 counts to 5 and then joins in with you and Buddy 2.

Or make up a hand signal that everybody will recognize that means "call me". Call whoever is in front and tell them to give the signal to the guy behind, or you give the guy(s) behind you the signal if you're in the front or middle.
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