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Well, 2012 started off with a bang. Or rather 2011 bled into 2012 with me running three times a week and riding the weekends. Zero motorcycle miles on the weekends.

Then I began working overtime. That rev-limiter was pegged so often it began to feel like the idler pulley. Held things pegged against that until my back gave in and I was nearly flattened. I'm still recovering form the lack of riding, running and downright lack of any exercise.

I can't remember where I rode or when I rode the Roubaix last. I looked up at it hanging in the garage a few weeks ago, last time I was home.

I'm up to the hookers and tattoo's levels for the hotel stays and rental car rentals. I've also banged into the overtime pay limit. Which if you ever wondered looks like the following; your check reflects the hours you worked along with the regular hours pay and right there in black sticky bits the OT pay.

Then the very next line subtracts that amount.

With the cute caption to the affect you're over the limit Bucko no soup for you!

I've managed to not gain back all the weight I burned off. But, I've got some back. My back has taken several steps back to bad, to almost unmanageably bad to worse than that to just about OK.
I'm being really careful now.
I did manage to convert near 800 miles into around a million steps and get a $100 from the folks I work for.
Insurance company still doesn't like me. But, then I don't much care for them either.

I've driven cars more and ridden motorcycles less than at any time in the last 40 years.

2013 looks to be starting off as 2012 is leaving off. I do however plan, hope I can ride and run more. Not much chance of fitting any motorcycling in, but we'll see. I also really hope to have a job this time next year. at this end of the tunnel things look pretty dark.

My wish list would be to average 200 miles a week on the bike and 25 running. If I was working back at my home base, I'd think that would be easy. Right now it looks like a pretty tough challenge. We'll give it a go though.

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