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Another day, another birthday.

Now it's my sister's birthday. Back to facebook I go...

Woke up early to sunshine (as opposed to dark at this hour further north) and broke down camp. Time to make more miles and finally see my friend in Phoenix tonight. I'm still taking the back roads, at least for a while. Eventually it gets hard to get to Phoenix without using the interstate while still staying mostly on task. I cruised through Joshua Tree east and north, stopping to take in some sites.

It's early, cold and wet...

Stopped here to dry out gear and self (from dew).

Exited the park where they made me pay the entrance fee (7 day ticket for less than 24 hours, but it was only 5 bucks) and headed into 29 Palms for coffee. From there I took Rt. 62, following the northern border of the park east. It's a nice road with very little traffic.

It's a long road ahead.

The ride was quite enjoyable even though I'm starting to get a little worried with how little tread I have left on my tires (the rear especially) and how the chain is starting to bind a little bit (it was the chain that cause the clunking sounds earlier, a little lube took care of it). Both are worn out and both will be replaced in Phoenix. If only I can make it another 300 miles or so...

Mmmmm... Jerky...

It's a sign (or two)

Art or vandalism? The world may never know...

After taking Rt. 62 to where it meets Rt. 95 ("100 miles to next services" sign not photographed), I stopped at the corner store/gas station and met some Harley riders from Lake Havasu and a couple of Dutch bicyclists who are riding L.A. to Miami. Dutch people are amazing. Anywhere I go in the world, there they are. This couple was in their 60s and had ridden over 80,000 kms around the world on their bicycles. They told me a story of how they got robbed at knife point in Belize, but otherwise Central America was amazing for them.

Stock photo, not my own.

From the corner store I headed south on Rt. 95 because it follows the river and the Cali/Arizona border. I though it would be a nice change of scenery, but the road was just far enough from the river that it may as well not have been there (in hindsight, I think continuing east instead of heading south would have been much better). The unfortunate result of this decision was that once I reached Blythe, I had to take the interstate the rest of the way to Phoenix. It's fine, but I just prefer the smaller (read: slower) roads. Maybe I'm getting old, or maybe it's the KLR (as opposed to the beautiful, smooth, wonderful and fast VFR), but I prefer not to ride faster than 55mph. I did pick it up on the interstate to, at least, feel safe in the traffic.

Sunset at a rest area off the I-10. Time to stow the sunglasses...

I powered down the I-10 to Phoenix and arrived at my friend's house. It's really good to see him again. I'm expecting some packages at his house including new riding pants (remember the buckle?) and new tires (Anakee 2s). I'm going to be here for a few days enjoying the break before finally getting to the "good stuff".

---Ride Report Intermission---

Coming up next: Phoenix to Mexico and beyond! (unless I talk about the maintenance I'll be doing at a fellow inmate's garage).
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