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Originally Posted by Ned1 View Post
Oh the irony in that statement...

I'd imagine a plated 450x in the right hands and set up right would be a fine option for a performant DS bike. A friend rides a well-set-up 250x as a dual sport rig and it is a great bike. Of course some people's idea of dual sport is different than others.
The discussion was about dual sport as in long highway miles. I have spent time in a lot of discussion with someone with the highest level experience who now dualsports the 450X. He is for it, thinks it would work for some applications= mostly local, but it is a qualified endorsement. Not really the best choice for long highway days.

It really has nothing to do with the 'right hands', Ned1 you seem desperate to follow my posts and give them your little girl-slap at every opportunity.

It seems that the the WR250R is about the closest to the dual sport model that can travel well, compromise but workable performance, good value.

It is tiring to hear chest-beating like "in the right hands" bla bla bla or "if you want to spend the money" bla bla. So much of this stuff on the forum is from guys who may not ride or have real experience, but use the insinuation to place themselves in a superior position- at least a legend in their own mind. And then there are the guys who spend $10k and then have the long posts about the problems with their ride- a situation that many sensible folks will avoid by making a sober and logical decision.
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