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Originally Posted by elron View Post
WALTER, TERRY, PRUSTER, BEAMSTER, & ROD: This is a great read with all of your input and being written 'post' ride you folks are doing a great job keeping the story line going and giving different perspectives.

ROD: Wondering what you're using for boots? They appear not to be mc purpose built, but look quite sturdy. I ask, because with my size 16 feetsess [sic], mc boots are 1st off, difficult to find, and then, such humongous clod hoppers with all the buckles and bulk that they really interfere w/my podalic maneuverability & comfort. I've got bigger lowered pegs, longer reach shifter, etc., but I still find myself more often than not wearing a solid pair of less bulky hiking boots rather than my size 16 Alpinestars 3.

Hey Elron.
This is only my opinion:I have tried MX boots and find them just too hard to get on with.... so uncomfortable and almost impossible to walk in as if you're not wearing ski-boots...clunk-slap..clunk-slap every step, I can't change gear with them and find (for me) I've no feel on the brake. Years ago I started wearing high leg para style hunting boots. Waterproof, offering enough ankle support and absolutely all day comfortable on and off the bike. In a big spill, no doubt they wouldn't protect as well as a MX boot, but I've had not less than 200 offs and plenty of them in horrible rocky terrain and they've offered enough protection so far.
As in all these things, its a balance and one day I might regret the choice, but these work for me . They're about the same price as low-end Trail boots. About 120/200 bucks.
If you want the make I'll have a look and PM you. The current ones are made in Italy.
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