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Originally Posted by Mr_Chris View Post
I have the stock berk mask off the bike but the aftermarket one I have is not as street legal as I'd hoped.

I love those Baja LEDs but I need to be able to ride past cars without dazzling them into smashing into me...

Dimmers are just bullshit for "day legal" in my opinion, I want bright lights not yellow but still too-high lamps...

Is the only answer some HID replacement for the stock element?

I have this HID kit I bought off of a fellow on UH forum. It uses a 55w HID lamp, but the important part is the KTM quad-runner lamp housing, which protrudes out much further than the MC housing/reflector that comes stock. I thought I read about people melting their lens with an HID in the stock housing.

Either way, over 10,000 miles of dual sport use and no issues besides a little melting of the reflector near the lamp, minor enough I'm not worrying about it for some time to come.
Bright as hell with a focused beam. I don't want to have to choose between not blinding people or seeing the road while riding at night, and I ride at night more often in winter time so this solution works for me.
The quad reflector has a nice cutoff and as long as it's not tipped way up is no problem on the street with other cars.
Though I subscribe to the thought of wanting to be as seen as possible and keep it tipped up and right in the cagers eyes for daytime street riding since it doesn't actually blind them in daylight, just gets their attention, at night I tip it down by sliding it down on the forks with a couple of bracket extensions I made. Should be in this thread somewhere, if it's not I can find the photos.

I would imagine you could source the parts locally and make it, though this kit is proven to me.

Should be a great combination with the new BD LED lights to supplement some output for fast desert night riding.

Originally Posted by B1 View Post
finn, stop posting those photos, my berg is insanely jealous. i love the shot with the flying embers, were you waiting for something to pop in the fire or just got lucky with the long exposure required?


Thanks B1!
I just got lucky with the embers, though there was plenty popping going on so it was inevitable with just a few shots.

Originally Posted by Brian011952 View Post
What size are the tank paniers in your original picture. Are you still using them? If not, why not. I'm considering the same set up onmy bike for a little more storage on long trips and to move some weight forward too. Any advice or opinions would be appreciated.

Those are Wolman Rollie's Medium size. I do use them, but have found other ways to pack that aren't quite as intense to rig on a daily basis. All the info is near the start of this thread on that, and more recently on my current packing setup.
plus, now that I'm running a Safari tank, I doubt this setup would work. I find the bike to be balanced just fine with a 20 pound load on the back, my solution was to get smaller camping gear and take less stuff.

Originally Posted by mrt10x;20171073
The latest addition to my bike.. guess I shouldnt have used the flash :D


Awesome, glad you got it.
Now get LOST!

Originally Posted by woods wizard View Post
Lost Rider, are you running a cush hub ?

Not yet, it's on the list of things to come.
I ran a Woody's wheel with RAD cush hub on my last bike, that's the route I will go on this one when the budget allows.

More Husa-Porn, I've been updating my Roadie in Motion RR with the tales from my recent Baja ride, link is in my Sig.

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