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Originally Posted by RoberTx View Post
I've got a serious question for the KTM riders no flaming intended. There is only one KTM dealer (also sells Honda, Yam, Suz, and Victory) in this area and it only keeps a few 2 stroke KTMs on the showroom floor yet there are full compliments of models from the other brands. If you want to buy a street legal KTM you have to order it and wait for delivery. Sometimes the dealer can't find the bike you want and the wait can last months or more and they won't even start looking till you lay down some money. I want to add the dealership has been around for decades and has a good reputation but I've never dealt with them other than to inquire over the phone about a 690. Is this the norm for KTM dealers?
That is because there are two types of KTM dealers:

Level I: the dirt bike only dealer
Level II: the full line dealer, which includes the street bikes

I believe the street line dealer has to be accredited to carry the full line of KTM bikes and has to send it's mechanics to the KTM school for certification.
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