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T.O. Fuller State Park Memphis, TN

I normally don't give directions to a particular park, but since this one is in my hometown, I'll make an exception.

Take the Third Street Hwy 61 Vicksburg exit. Be aware that this is the major thruway to the Casino's just south of Memphis.
Folks headed down south on third street are in a big hurry to get their freak on down in Tunica, MS.
Folks headed back north will be inebriated 'cause the casino gives away free booze.

When you come to the first stoplight you will begin to notice the prostitutes looking over their shoulders and giving you "the eye".
Pay no attention and keep heading south.
As you continue south, you will undoubtedly notice the hourly motels, we-tote-the-note used car dealerships, and a couple dozen check cashing outlets.
Never mind that.
Make a right on Mitchell road.
Continue West through the economically depressed neighborhood.

In a couple miles you will arrive at the entrance of T.O. Fuller State Park Memphis, TN

Alcohol and firearms are not permitted inside the park...
However, plenty of both are conveniently located nearby on Third street.

Hunting and dumping are also frowned upon.
(Yes, that is the first time I've ever seen a No Dumping sign in any park...ever)

T.O. Fuller also has a campground with 45 campsites.
If the sound of gun play doesn't bother you, and you're an early riser, you may be able to get a good deal at one of the hourly motels up on Third St.
Don't worry about your bike! MPD recovers stolen bikes by the hundreds so they should have it at the impound lot within a few days...

All kidding aside, be aware that Memphis is usually at the top of the crime stats for a city this small.
Property theft, stolen vehicles, robbery, rapes murders, we're perpetrating 'em 'round the clock. Be careful!
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