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Originally Posted by Camper292000 View Post
#5 Lastly I have to mention PLEX. This let's you stream shows from your computer to your TV. Install plex media server on the PC. Log into getplexapp or plex or something online. ALSO, when you find a video online you can hit the PLEX IT! button to queue it to your Plex account and watch later at home. (add the button to your browser!)
+1000 for plex!

I have a drobo with 700+ movies and a few TV shows, but all the seasons of them.

for content, I set this up:

very very slick. I don't care much for sports, and live out in the boonies, so OTA antenna setup won't get me much, if I am VERY lucky, one channel maybe.

The nice thing about the TV shows off Usenet is they already have the commercials stripped out

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