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* ASternad, on 02 September 2012 - 10:52 AM, said:
Chilly -
Between the 350 and 500 as per your ride test - if you were going on a ride and had no idea what you would be encountering (tight, sand, open, rocky), which bike would you prefer?

Bike choice, that is a tough one. Personally I enjoy riding the 350 much more. It is a real riders bike, very responsive and great handling. I also like the way it makes power. For better or worse, it has a small bike personality. It surprises me that the power is pretty much on par with my older RFS 450's. I just picked up a '13 350exc that will be a long term test bike, super excited about it.

Personally I'm 200lbs and I got the 350. Was advised by folks that have access to both bikes (along with 9 other bike at anytime) and they said if it involves dirt they grab the 350. I couldnt be happier. As powerfull as my xr650, not quite as tourquey, but plenty of low end none the less and feels likea bicycle. really easy to handle.
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