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Now that I've read the whole thread, I have to ask...

You be the judge: is Off the grid a orange kool-aid drinking KLR hating troll?

1st post in this thread:
Originally Posted by Off the grid View Post
The KTM 690 makes 61hp stock.

Stephen King could foreshadow this twisted tale any better...

2nd post:
Originally Posted by Off the grid View Post
Might of been the case in the 90s, but not now. I'd put KTMs RFS bike up against any KLR any day of the week..
While Japanese motorcycle makers have been asleep, Euro designers have overtaken the dual sport market. The 08 KLR "redesign" didn't help.
How many RFS engines have gone even 30k miles without replacing a single thing in the motor (or as KTM owners love to call it, "preventative maintenance" )? The "KLR miles check-in" thread and the disproportionate number of KTM horror stories to number of KTMs out there makes this troll's beliefs obvious for what they are, complete BS Obviously if you want an orange single with long-term maintenance even remotely comparable to a KLR, you're going to have to look for a LC4 and even owners of those bikes seem to do a lot of "preventative maintenance". But we all know the Euro bikes are dominating the dual sport market with their extremely high sales numbers somehow compared to the well established and going-nowhere Jap dual sport offerings, right!? What a joke. What he's trying to say here is "I'm an orange troll and my obsessions project outward and alter my perceptions of the market place such that they don't reflect reality at all".

His third post in this thread fell into rank like clockwork orange (pun intended):
Originally Posted by Off the grid View Post
It's not just the anemic engine, it's the fucking atrocious suspension and dangerous brakes.
His fourth post was another solid contribution to KTM egomania:
Originally Posted by Off the grid View Post
Someone would have to be a mental patient to put that kind of money into a KLR. Better off selling it, adding the 1k and getting a 640 LC4.
To think, all those satisfied big bore Stage II KLR owners are actually insane!?

Then he finally came all the way out from under the bridge with his 5th post:
Originally Posted by Off the grid View Post
KLR riders making fun of KTMs is the epitome of hilarity. Give it a rest, guys. Your bike sucks, and is the laughingstock of the off-road community for over a decade now.
6th post:
Originally Posted by Off the grid View Post
You are missing the point entirely. The point is that in your mind, a KTM is some sort of exotic, high-zoot, high-strung race machine.

The real-world reality is the exact opposite. It is very workmanship and tractor-like, and put together by engineers that knew what they were doing.

There's a reason why almost everyone rides them.

Hey, there's a place in the offroad world for a KLR, and I've seen them do some things that defy logic, but when people start slinging outright lies on KTMs, I tend to have a problem with that.

I'm here to educate people.

I wonder how many other KTM owners would dare describe their bikes as "tractor-like" if not simply for the fact that they wouldn't risk tainting their egos with any phrase that is so plainly associated with the KLR more so than any other bike out there. Such warped perception can only be explained by the presumption that Off the grid must live under a bridge in another universe. Every KTM owner that reads his "tractor-like" KTM description is distancing themselves from this troll.

Sorry for the long post. It's practically takes a good trolling to respond to a good trolling.
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