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Originally Posted by ChuBrocka View Post
I may be wrong, but I don't don't think there is any venting through the cap. As I understand it the venting is through a line out the bottom of the tank that ends between and slightly behind the foot pegs. This also serves to direct over-fill. While I agree that vapour lock sounds like a possibility, the cap shouldn't be the source of the problem.

Was it raining when you had the problems? I had a similar sounding issue on a trip through New England last summer. We were riding in pouring rain for most of the week. On the first day of rain I though I had run out of gas when the engine cut but after a few days of repeated issues (always in rain) we clued in to the vapour lock issue. I believe ince the rain got heavy enough there was enough water getting up into the breather line between the pegs to block the air flow long enough to starve the carbs. To test the theory I would twist the gas cap open a little when I felt the tell-tale sputter. It worked every time.

I've read in the RAT forums that cutting the end of the breather line on a sharp angle will solve this problem, but I haven't felt like getting soaked to test the the theory yet.
It was not wet out. I filled the tank and rode two blocks home, lifted it unto the centerstand and the very full tank forced fuel out of the cap and into and out of the overflow-venting tube. By all accounts this leftover fuel in the tube could have help or been full cause of a nonventing tank. Your suggestion jogged my memory of the circumstances that lead to my demise and am now ever surer that I was under vapor lockdown.
If the line is not straight down and out, it may create a sort of P-trap arrangement and therefore create its own failure.
I long ago removed all extra hoses that felt superfluous and will recheck the drain-vent line out.
Thank you, this has been much help.
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