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Costa Rica

Made frustratingly slow progress today in spite of my best efforts. 4.5 hours at the border crossing into Costa Rica. What a system! The Nicaraguan side was easy but this side was just about a complicated as any one could ever make it.

First you wait in line behind 120 tourists off tour busses waiting to get there passposts stamped at 7:30 am. The had two officers that were overwhelmed. I counted that every ten minute they would let 15 more tourists in to get their stamp. I was 100 minutes in that line, then do you think I could find the slip of paper he wanted in the stack of paperwork and copies I have. No way! It is just a small form like you fill out as a declaration like you do on an aircraft between Canada and the USA. My helpers on the Nicaraguan side had a copy and I had filled it out....GONE. Either they didn't give it back to me in the flurry of copies, stamps, permits etc on that side or I misplaced it or dropped it...but I didn't have it. That meant, get another copy, go to the bike , get glasses, a pen, fill it out again. Go to back of new line of 15 people wait a extra ten minute for a form he glanced at and through on a huge pile. Finally after an hour and a half I had a migration stamp. (It usually takes 5 minutes anywhere else)

Then Aduana. more copies, title, licence, passport, stamp on a permit must be copied, stamp in passport, must be copied, of course the copie place is half a mile away, Then back, permit stamped, of course now you need a copy of that to take to the mandatory insure building which is convieniently located in the back of a trucking yard hal a mile away and marked. Tourista Police so you rule it out the first couple times you go by. Then you get insurance and you guessed it, you need a copy of that to take back where you started at aduana. Did I mention it 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity and you're of course wearing full motorcycle gear. Then aduana stamps the form and you need to go back to insurance to get a permit. They give you a slip to give to the guy at the exit, which is of course NOT the road MARKED Salida/Exit When you find the guy he takes the slip. You wait behind 20 trucks after that to show yet another guy you have a passport, insurance and a licence. WTF! Torture!

So after a 12 hour day I made 340kms. San Jose 4pm traffic makes Vancouver, Summer Long weekend traffic look like day- care. I'm safe. That's what counts
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