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Originally Posted by OConnor View Post
Anyone saving up exp. in the M7 medium? I plan to move down the new US heavy line when 8.2 comes online.
I use that hit zone skin that applies to the 'penetration zones' - and to say 'use'... I don't really 'use' it as much as just see it on tanks. Though I had it reinforced to me that areas that aren't covered by checker-board colors really are hard to penetrate even if they are on the very back of the turret.

I should actually rely on it more.

And, yes, I bought back the M7 and saved up about 25,000 XP with it. I was doing alright with it (use Gold rounds for all daily-doubles on it, or it's just about useless), but then it hit me why I hated that tank so much. I can hit and pen an unbelievable amount of times, but it just does no damage. You can be the best player on the team with it and still not have enough power to force or sway a win compared to the better-gunned tier 5's.
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