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Originally Posted by OaklandStrom View Post
The stock VW class in Baja is class 11. I used to race that class in a different series. Ever want to flush a bunch of $$ down the terlit, just get a class 11 racer.

We called it the "great orange girlfriend killer", because we all started the season with relationships. Racing is fun, but it has some hidden costs.

I'm sure this effort will be totally different.
HAH! Yeah i never considered 'racing' one, but I would love a dune buggy as a toy. Not a sand rail, a real Manx.
But the utter badassness of running Class 11 (thanks!) or riding a motorcycle IS Baja to me. I spent 6 years tooling around various deserts of the US and Middle East driving a 26 ton armored vehicle and saw what can go wrong with those, I can't imagine the jams guys guys get into on bikes or in bugs.

Which is why I'll be watching this thread. Pure badassness.
Semper Fi & YAT-YAS!
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