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Originally Posted by lineaway View Post
All right Curtis, I`ll bite. Both bikes were considered the better built at the time. You do not have a Montesa following, just a bunch of guys saying honda is better. Both bikes had flaws. The montesa had quite a following of after maket parts to `fix the weak points`. Honda riders hate to mention defects. (Most of the 315 trick parts are gone)
The Beta is what I prefered, but that was a personal choice. Like I said before years did matter! I`d ride them both. I always felt cramped on the 315. If I remember the 315 tank was small, suspension great, power on the soft side. If you could find a real clean `04 or `05 315 even this Beta guy would say buy it. If you are comparing a `99 315 to a 2004 beta, the beta hands down.
P.S. Curtis I was trying to be realistic!
The Montesa is very clean and well maintained. Met the owner and rode the bike... felt very good. Probably going to buy it.

My delema is that while I am getting the funds/transportation lined up for the purchase a Beta of the same year has become available for a good deal less (about $500 which is roughtly about 20% of total cost of Montesa). Just trying to do a cost-benefit analysis to justify the extra cost of Montesa.
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