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Originally Posted by Normlas View Post
Hiya Polanskiman, sorry but I never got the bluetooth to work because the headset I had was stuffed, I've since sold the bike with the peaklife and when I ordered another one from chinavision they had sold out - I ended up forking out for a garmin Nuvi, spent around $400 and wish it was as good as the peaklife - the Nuvi is a huge disapointment.
Hey Normlas,

Thanks a bunch for your answer. Bluetooth seems to be a problem with this version of Tomtom Navigation. I actually managed to make it somehow work. I first have to pair the headset with the Peaklife, then launch Tomtom. This however is less than ideal as Tomtom is not managing the Bluetooth in any way and therefore I cannot listen to my MP3s while hearing the Tomtom's guidance instructions...they just overlap in terms of volume. IGO8 however manages this nicely and reduces the MP3 volume when necessary but I really don't like IGO. It is more complicated and has loads of options unnecessary specially on a motorcycle.

Why didn't you go for the Tomtom Rider Pro? It seems to be a good GPS...apart from the price of course!!


PS: did you managed,when you had the Peaklife, to Access Win CE OS?
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