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I fell for the Scrambler,absolutely had to have one. Bought an 07 green/silver,it really looked the part and people marveled at it wherever I parked it,old coots came out of the woodwork to kibbitz about the old days.
Problem is I always forget Im somewhat of a hotrodder and like to pitch bikes into corners and lean em way over after nailing the brakes hard coming in................The Scrambler would have nothing to do with this sort of frivolity.

Hitting the brakes hard only made the forks twist and the bike crab sideways,and they arent even good brakes,the forks and shocks are the same thing Harley puts on their bargain bin Sportster,clunky/banging back smacking things.

And hard parts drug as soon as I leaned it over much at all,this with longer shocks. Then it held very little gas,and got very poor mileage,and made about 38 hp from a 900cc engine. Well over 500 lbs dry. Slow? Dont Ask.

I think that Triumph nailed it on these bikes really,they are honest to dog vintage bikes with vintage performance,and they have the look down just so. Many riders are deeply smitten with these bikes and keep working at making them look better.

Triumphs are a quality bike though,I picked up a 99 1200 Trophy and have had nothing but a blast every time I ride the thing,it easily goes fast enough and handles great.
Some bikes around at times
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