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Sounds like the repair record on mine...

My 1998 Ranger did fine for the first 6 years and 80k, but since then it's had a bunch of the same problems- dragging brakes due to rust, 4 WD actuator had to be slathered with contact cleaner to restore function, etc..

QUOTE=SourKraut;20184313]I've related elsewhere on ADV the story of my '06 F150 that I traded in recently due to numerous components rotting away and failures but here goes again. My 2006 F150 with 65K miles had the following go wrong with it (all fixed at the dealer);
  • Airflow sensor - $500 plus towing, dead on the side of the road
  • Throttle body replaced - $500 (just a CEL that time)
  • Stuck caliper ate the drivers front rotor twice, I paid for it both times "wear item"
  • Rotors all four corners rotted out from rust, requiring replacement
  • Rear axle and diff cover rotted out dumping all gear oil, rebuild rear axle, seals, etc.
  • 4wd actuators on the front rebuilt twice, dead again when traded in
  • A/C died right before I traded it in
  • Torque converter was making death rattle per dealer and transmission shop second opinion, traded in that way
  • I'm sure I forgot a few things
The truck looked practically new and they gave me $14K for it at the chevy dealer on trade-in. Hopefully the '12 Silverado is capable of going five years without major work. I had four F150s and all of them had unreasonable problems, the newer ones had bigger and more major issues. To be fair the F150 felt far more substantial than the '12 Silverado which feels cheezy and everything is super light-duty. I just want the stupid thing to run without major repairs for 100K miles, is that too much to ask?[/QUOTE]
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