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Originally Posted by GrahamD View Post
Hasn't anyone got any real bike stuff to talk about?

Like final drive failures?
Electrical problems?
EFI issues?
Failing to start sorted out?
Rides. Oh that's right it's cold over there. Sorry didn't mean to be so insensitive.

Pluric has put in a good effort with the spokes, I know but...

I think I'll head over the the crush or the GS threads for a while...

Color, and some good-natured ribbing about it, is about the only thing to talk about when your bike never breaks, and just keeps running, running, running like a freight train!

I dunno' about anybody else's Super Tenere, but mine seems to be as reliable as the sunrise, gets smoother with each mile it runs, is as stable as a locomotive yet handles better than many a sport bike I've owned, and never seems to disappoint me.

Wonder if we could liven up the discussion over here by talking about what's the best oil to use in a bike that never seems to break?



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