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What's Wrong With Me?

Wait a minute, before you all get in line to answer that – it was meant as a rhetorical question!

What I'm referring to is this: I'm getting tired of the cold. And it's not even really COLD! yet. Just barely bounced off 50 below this morning. In years past, I remember being pleased when it warmed up to 45 below. But this morning the Jeep couldn't cope with the low temperature and the ECM had it pouring gas into the engine, giving me 6 mpg where it would normally deliver over 18 mpg. With half a tank of gas when I pulled out of Glennallen it should have made it to Anchorage and through half of my shopping without running out. But at the rate it was burning petrol we would not have been able to reach Palmer. Had to turn around 25 miles out and go back for more dead dinos. Then, when I drove into the coldest spot, the transmission started acting up, with the torque converter clutch locking and unlocking and shifting up and down violently. Finally went back to the apartment and parked it. There's something to be said for carburetors and manual transmissions.

Besides vehicles, there are heating systems. Or, more accurately, systems that are supposed to produce heat. And I'm tired of them. A wood stove. Simple (like me), works even when there's a power outage (unlike me), romantic (definitely not like me!).

Everything is being controlled by little squares, octagons, trapezoids, tiny cans on two or more legs – all glued together on a little board in patterns discernible only to electronics wizards who speak in strange tongues. “Inductor” “Diode” “Nand gate” “NPN transistor” “NMOS” (how the heck are you supposed to pronounce that?) “Bipolar transistor” (how do you administer lithium to a transistor?) And so on.

And you know what? The literature for those little devices often says “Storage at 0° to 40°C” In automotive use they often test these things clear down to – are you ready for this? - the incomprehensible temperature of -40°C/F!! Yeah, a balmy day in wintertime Alaska.

Okay... maybe I'm just getting old and cranky. Naw, it can't be that. Guess I'm just not into this "Global Warming".

But I'm sure looking forward to summer.
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