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Originally Posted by Seppo View Post
hey catweasel,

there is an used buyers guide for the DR 800 at motorradonline

i have 2 sr42s, and what i can tell you is, that they are very rare here in austria, so getting used parts is a PITA. i was looking for a second sr42 for a long time and found one this august in upper austria. i paid 1000euros for it, needed new battery and tyres.
im no expert on the sr43, but AFAIK the main difference is a smaller fuel tank, auto-decomp and the new styling.
for me, some must dos are steel brake lines and tuned suspenison in the front with fork brace.

have you seen this one already?

greetings from wieselburg
Except weight and stock exhaust and tank size and styling everything else about SR42 not worth chosing over SR43.
SR43 have different 43 mm (instead of 41 on SR42) forks that actually work quite well for such old bike and much better than SR41 and 42 forks.
SR43 have 300 mm front brake disk
SR43 have 5 mm longer wheelbase and slightly beefier swingarm (early sr42 vs sr43)
SR43 have reinforced frame that quite a bit more rigid than SR42
SR43 have full-blown system (mechanical and electronics) to prevent back-turn of engine and damage to parasite starter gear.
SR43 have 4 more BHP but only in unrestricted version - for example Belgium, France, Italy I think and Spain. German model sports few degrees different ignition map resulting in 50 bhp. Same for torque.
SR42 have 29 liter tank, SR43 have all different bodywork and 24 liter tank.
Late SR43 model have TPS.

The main weight difference is down to 14.5 kg stock exhaust on SR43 and 5 kg of taillights hardware - both can be easily removed. Suspension is better thou despite stroke down to 220 mm - which is more than sufficient if sprung correctly. If.

Parts for SR43 still available at Suzuki, so it is much easier to do than SR42. If you really want SR42 styling - take SR43 and fit SR42 "clothes" on it. Been done, totally possible.
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