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Envy your Buell setup JD. Those dual head lights look beautiful on the bike.
Spent a LOT of time online to find the assembly for purchase, but i gave up.

Once i was back from my long trip on the 650, the bike refused to fire up one morning. When i press the ignition switch i can hear the FI pump do the humming and then nothing happens. There was no cranking.

Finally the problem worked out to be the battery.

I just run it everyday and clock 10k kilometers in a month and the battery dies?? This scares me now to do any kind of electrical upgrades fearing the same problem might happen over a trip. I was on an almost stock setup - electrical wise... i did not have anything modded except replaced the stock lights to one single 100 w bulb which was switched off during day time running.

You have two cigarette lighter sockets taking care of your GPS and others stuff which i presume remain ON through out your trip...

How did you go about this?

I just ordered the marinco cigarette lighter assembly + some in-line fuses and hope to have power outlets for the electrical pump and another for a communication solution which i have not bought yet.
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