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And the biggest personality in bike racing is ...

Maybe I am behind the times, but had not seen this before.

A couple of days ago the FIM presented its Personality of the Year award, to ...



ahem, umm, well, you see ...

... it was Jorge Lorenzo.

Haven't seen this on Kropotkin's site. Did I miss something, or has he missed the news event of the off-season?

Don't believe me? has the scoop.

Yeah I know, it is all about how many bothered to vote.

On a more relevant note:

Originally Posted by BOOTLACE View Post
I would have thought all the front end hardwear would be the same, but there are subtle differences between Casey and George's bikes. I like the wieght saving on the rim, and would imagine the crap wear on the tyre was caused by his reduced pace, just bringing it home for the championship. (?)

That is a fabulous picture.

Given what we know about those tyres, and how hard they are to get working.

Can we wrap up the debate about how deliberately the top guys slide the front?????
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