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Originally Posted by nononsense4857 View Post
Envy your Buell setup JD. Those dual head lights look beautiful on the bike.
Spent a LOT of time online to find the assembly for purchase, but i gave up.

You have two cigarette lighter sockets taking care of your GPS and others stuff which i presume remain ON through out your trip...

How did you go about this?

the OEM Buell headlight is still available, new and used, at modest prices. if you want to source a new Buell, just ask the question up in the "Beast" subforum, ADV guys know about everything there is to know about motos and part sourcing. if you find a used Buell headlight, determine the condition of the reflectors before buying. the reflectors can get tarnished depending on where the bike was used, and i suspect salt spray as the culprit. there are also twin headlight assemblies similar in appearance to the Buell.

on my moto, i wired dedicated fused circuits for both the lights and power outlets. the wiring is all oversized tinned marine grade, and runs directly to the battery. all connections are soldered, coated with liquid electrical coating, shrink wrapped, and enclosed in corrugated wire loom casing. the fuse holders are fully enclosed marine grade.

the auxiliary lights are completely independent of the OEM main lighting circuits and switches. the dedicated circuit also powers the relay/switch/pilot light, there is no cross connection with any other power circuit on the bike. i also installed an unused 20A marine grade toggle on the dash complete with matching connectors for redundency in the case of mishap.

i have two power outlets on the bar rise, both dedicated and fused separately, also connected directly to the battery. yes, the circuits are hot whether the bike is running or not, an advantage.

any new electrical work you do on the moto should be of the same quality as the OEM, if not better.
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