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Originally Posted by ninepeaks9 View Post
Why do you need a retro when you can ride the classic?


And there is no depreciation. I bought that bike for $700. Well, it's been a few years now. And I did put few bucks into spiffing it up a bit. But still.

Seriously though I did look at retro styled bikes as opposed to the real deal. I have multiple bikes so in the end the real thing had more appeal.

As for why I wanted retro anything, that was heavily influenced by my purchase of a new Ducati 996 in 2000. That bike quickly cured me of my infatuation with sportbikes, I was not worthy. (Don't get me wrong, I loved the bike, still own it in fact. I just realized it's potential was wasted on me).

I like retro styled bikes because though I like older bikes in general, they can be a pain to live with.

As for current retro bikes, I thought I'd love the Guzzi V7. Then I saw that red frame and hubs and whatever else. Ewww.... maybe if I can find a used one someday that I can tear down and refinish. But then again I've always had this silly desire to build a Sportster in the way I wish the Motor Company would....
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