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Funny that sailing would come up. I was just reminiscing yesterday and thinking how similar adventure on a bike and adventure on a boat is. The one difference is, and which probably gives voyaging by sea an edge on extreme, is that you can simply stop on a bike, but at sea there is no break (until you arrive that is), especially single-handing. The sea is inexorable.

Looking forward to the conclusion of your journey, AH.


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Yes, but when riding underway, it's tough to go below and grab a snack. Also when riding, when you stop for the night, you can't just make sure the anchor is set and then relax in the cockpit watching the sun set.

I've lived aboard about 7 years. The only parallel I can find is that both means of travel are sport. By that I mean they aren't the most practical way to get about AND every run is either wonderful or terrible. There is no mediocre in sailing or riding.
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