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Hell on Wheels - This 10 part miniseries chronicles the building of the transcontinental railroad from the perspective of the crews working their way west from Iowa. Thomas Durant, the scheming head honcho of the Union Pacific, is played by Colm Meaney. The show deals with the day to day workings of a mobile railroad camp, as well as the camp followers who made money off of the crews. Definitely worth watching. I hope there will be a season 2.
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"If you are looking for the typical ride to a restaurant, eat tacos, hold the middle finger over the food, stop and take a picture of a gravel road type ride, you probably won't be interested." - dlrides

"A guy I know was the lead researcher for the University of Utah federally funded study of cellphone and texting use while driving. He found that your twice as dangerous as a drunk while using your cell phone and I think it was up to six times worse if the driver was texting."-dakardad
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