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Originally Posted by 1200gsceej View Post
Do you have a reference link to those specs?

Also, do the comments relating to the Montana and the 350 also apply to the Zumo 660/665?

The spec's are simple: 8-bit Windows BMP, 32x32px maximum size. If you want any part of the icon transparent, it must be colored Magenta (r,g,b, = 255, 0, 255).

In general EMOTO's comments are correct and they apply to the zumo 66x brand as well. One addition I'll make is that when using Garmin's POILoader to create your POI files you can name them anything you want as the POILoaders screen below indicates.

Naming your POI files (you can have more than one) is a good thing as the default is POI.GPI. If you only use the default name, each time you update/change your POI file the old one is overwritten. So, give your POI files an appropriate name. For example my Garmin/POI/ folder looks like this:

BMW Dealers.gpi
Road Food.gpi
Repair Shops.gpi
US Embassies.gpi

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