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Thank you all for your feedback and questions; I will do my best to answer them all

trc.rhubarb : Thanks, we are working hard to take care of all the bits and pieces so that everything works flawlessly. Our product will be very simple to use. Regarding the support, there is very little that could cause a problem, but if for some reason some tweaking is needed all you would have to do is send a new file to the bike, that means that if you left the device connected would only have to pair it with the mobile/tablet/pc and transfer a new file, that could be done at your convenience not ours.
We are doing something different to the PC. You can connect, transfer a file and take the device off; it will not let you stranded.

torquerat: It will work on both. You’ll only need a different file and the plug is also different, but the core device will work ;).

Motorfiets: Hehehe nice to hear that, but you won’t need it. We will have that covered with maps for different quality of fuel, low octane, normal and premium…That’s the cool part, if you go from the States to South America or something you can load a file for the highway and premium fuel, and then you can change it easily for poorer fuel.

FTBTX: That would be great, but unfortunately one can’t reflash the ECU (not the one’s on these bikes/cars anyway J ) on the fly. The motorbike already compensates for some of the pressure differences. What we will do is have some files available that adjust the values for bigger differences; it will be useful for users that plan on traveling and passing high/low altitudes.

Droptarotter: I work on a mac so they’ll be covered hehehe, iphone/ipad as well. Your concern is important, but you will not need to send us your ECU, and we are working in this field for more than 8 years, we have that concern as well and will be building a failsafe device, you will always be able to at the very least put the original file back and there is no worry about damaging something. The way we are developing you could even pull the device while doing the reflash, and it will restart when reconnected, of course if the battery dies it will stop, but as soon as you get a new battery or connect the jumper cables it will restart as well.

It’s great to have your participation, I hope to have answered in a way to make myself understood, but feel free to add some more questions.

Thanks guys!

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