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Originally Posted by Tom S View Post
I really hate automatic transmissions but you canít even buy a lot of new cars or trucks with a standard transmission anymore. That just ainít right.
There are now a lot of people that canít drive a stick shift car. That don't seem right either.
Even some that I *think* can drive a stick shift are completely baffled when faced with a ďThree on the treeĒ

Well, luckily I avoid most of the cold crap down here in the South. But I've somewhat been there, used to live in Ottawa and would frequent parts north there of. Say sub -40 more than once or twice.

Kind of hard to explain how everything makes different sounds. Even unlocking you car.

But there is something to be said about having to hold your breath for a few minutes while you start your car. 'cause if you exhale it will turn to ice as soon as it hits the windshield. But even the clutch on my old escort was fun. It would take about 10-20 minutes before the hydrolic fluid would start to thin out, when you side stepped the clutch, you could just watch the peddle rise.

Anyway, I agree on the whole transmission thing, the only reason why my Suburban is an automagic, is that you can't get it as a manual. Luckily my wife likes all 3 peddles to be there, so her little GTI has all 3

Stay warm and safe up there.
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