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Originally Posted by ttr View Post
Does size matter? Of course not, a least in your case...

Those sites are actually the tour I want to make once in the US, so thanks for sharing!
I suppose is not the best to do it alone and, if I don't go wrong, is possible to make it in about one week, right? Did the bikes have some problems because of the altitude? In the Alps I ride up to 3000m above the sea level with no particular issues.

Great admiration for the gs1200 on that rocks!! (and for bikes of that size)
I wouldn't be afraid to do most of it alone. If you have a bigger bike, single track, like Wilson Mesa, would be kind of sucky since you'd probably be picking up your bike often! Or at least I would. Oh, and I hope I never do Black Bear again, by myself or with a truckload of Marines.

Something I noticed was that the roads can change year to year. In Moab, a lot of the change is natural, but in Colorado, the changes could be also man made. For instance, the first year we did Immogene, it seemed awfully technical; lots of baby head rocks etc. The second year, it wasn't nearly as tough. I think some grading of the road had occured.

If you are going to travel alone, I think it would be a good idea to have a Spot or similar device, some food and a first aid kit in case you get into trouble.

Good luck and thanks for reading!
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