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Dampener Mount Up: Phase 1

A few weeks ago, I called Scott's and explained what I was working on and that I had bought a used dampener off of ebay. They started asking questions like "what do the knobs look like?" and "what is the serial number?" and after further discussion and research they concluded I had a 1996 dampener that had not been serviced in at least 8 years. They could tell the age from the serial number and the time since serviced by the old style knobs that should have been replaced when last serviced.

They said they could help me, but the first thing was to get it serviced. They also did some research on mounting and after having me take measurements concluded that they were only going to be able to help with mounting it in the upper position, not the sub mount as hoped. Oh well, no big deal. By the way, the Scott's guys were extremely helpful and encouraging thru the whole process. They were great!

So off goes the old dampener in the mail and a few weeks late comes back looking very pristine, with all new brackets and hardware for TTR 250. Cool!

Stock look;

Removing stock upper clamps;

New components loosely in place, cross bar not wanting to roll over dampener;

Cross bar loose on one end;

With cross bar loosened, bars rolled right into place, and cross bar was re-installed. Snug fit but just enough clearance to work. Those guys at Scott's know what they are doing.

Weld on style post, slightly too long, will shorten and weld onto upper frame backbone (Phase 2)

Steering stops will need to be modified, as they are now, too much rotation for the dampener, and as Luke said "you don't want your dampener working as a steering stop". Any creative ideas to reduce rotation? If nothing creative pops up, will probably just weld some material onto the lower frame stops.

Cant wait to get this completed, as soon as this is done and the new gel battery installed, she'll be ready tear up the trails!
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